What Sets Us Apart

BB&C has been refreshing in its flexibility as our Association vision, plans and expectations have changed; and their managers have worked as partners with executive members as our industry successfully lobbied for regulation of professional condominium management. BB&C 's long-standing relationship with our association is itself a testament to the skill of its personnel and the exceptionally high quality of their service

BB&C is a professional company that is focused on providing support to their clients. They take time to understand the mission and values of their clients and integrate themselves seamlessly. They have robust knowledge in legal and accounting guidelines for NPO's. Their staff is organized, well prepared for meetings and always happy to help. They have been the backbone of our association and have been a pleasure to work with over the years.

In addition to services in the areas of membership and financial management, website development & maintenance and communications programs, BB&C 's experience in association structure has been invaluable. Our Association saved significant legal fees as a result of BB&C 's assistance in compliance with the Canadian Not-for-Profit Corporation's Act (2014) and other governance related matters.

For many years the BB&C team organized, coordinated, and implemented the plan for our Annual Conferences, which pre-pandemic, welcomed over 2,000 delegates and had display booths from over 250 associate companies/organizations on the show floor. Attendees came from all over the world to see how [the Conference] operates, and this was in a large part, due to the operational success of BB&C .